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naturheilkundliche Rezepturen

Statutory insured persons / self-payers:

Despite in-depth medical knowledge and many years of professional experience, my treatment methods are sometimes only partially reimbursed by statutory health insurances. They are voluntary health insurance benefits. Please find out in advance whether your health insurance company will cover alternative practitioner benefits.

  • Initial anamnesis, advice, treatment plan and initial treatment : approx. 90 minutes

  • Follow-up treatments: approx. 60 minutes

The treatment costs are usually per appointment  between 90-150 euros

1. Cost

Privately insured / beneficiaries


Invoices for private patients or persons with additional private insurance (additional health practitioner insurance) are based on the fee schedule for non-medical practitioners (GebüH).


Inquire in advance with your insurance company or your aid agency how and in what amount the fee will be reimbursed. The treatment costs are often reimbursed in full or in part.

The service contract arises between the alternative practitioner and the patient.


2. Conditions of cancellation


All appointments agreed with you and confirmed by me are firmly reserved for you personally.

  • If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise it will have to be billed.

Thank you for your understanding.

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