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About me:


  • Massagetherapist and lifeguard at the St. Radegund Castle School

  • Apprenticeship as a naturopath at the HPI with passed exam in 2017

  • 5-year osteopathic training at the International Academy of Osteopathy iA

Advanced training:

  • Acupuncture training at the BDHN and the Center for Naturopathy

  • Ear acupuncture training in the Center for Naturopathy

  • FDM training at Info Med in Neutraubling

  • Various diversion procedures

  • Neural therapy in the Center for Naturopathy

Further engagement:

  • Lecturer at the Face & Body Academy

  • Assistance in the chiropractic practice Chiromax

Member of the Association of German Heilpraktiker und Naturheilkundiger eV

Heilpraktiker und Osteopath in München

For me as an alternative practitioner, the human being as a whole is the focus of diagnosis and treatment. I take the time for my patients and rely on natural treatment methods. It's about activating the body's self-healing powers and thereby bringing the whole system back into harmony.

At the beginning of the treatment there is always a detailed conversation in which I ask you about your health history and of course also analyze your lifestyle and eating habits. If you have already collected findings and laboratory values, then you are welcome to bring them with you and they will be included. On this basis, I will create a personal treatment plan for you. Because the more appropriate and tailored the therapy, the greater the room for recovery.

Now something more personal about myself:

I was born and raised in South Tyrol, making me an enthusiastic hiker and nature lover. I wanted to help people with their physical complaints very early on and started training as a medical masseur and therapeutic masseur at the age of twenty. I then worked in the hotel industry for four years, which I was not satisfied with as I was only allowed to offer wellness massages. Although the hotel guests and my colleagues were enthusiastic and very satisfied with my massages, I personally wanted more. I wanted to help people to relieve their pain and, if possible, to leave it behind. I wanted to see positive changes and successes.

So I decided to move to Munich, where I had a lot more options  lay open. Although I still worked in the wellness area at the beginning, my path led me further and further in the therapeutic direction. So I started my training as a naturopath a few years ago. After graduating in 2017 and further training, I immediately knew which types of therapies I wanted to focus on in the future.


Especially the combined application  osteopathy on the physical level, acupuncture on the energetic level and the regulation of  Medicines on the subtle level  I find it particularly convincing.

I have been active in the therapeutic field for almost 20 years, including 4 years as a non-medical practitioner and my work continues to inspire me to this day. Perhaps that is precisely why I am your alternative practitioner.  

I look forward to seeing you in my practice.

Your alternative practitioner

Alex Clara

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