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The pain therapy

The treatment of chronic pain patients is a great challenge, as conventional medicine often classifies them as having been out of therapy.

The pain has often existed for years, which is why it should not be expected  that they only disappear again after a short period of treatment.

You should give the body the time to react to the treatment in order to ultimately heal.

Often, the first improvements only appear after several treatment appointments, which is why patients should not give up too early and stop the therapy prematurely.

Various techniques are used to trigger a stimulus and a response at different levels. From osteopathy and acupuncture to intestinal rehabilitation and detoxification, we have many therapeutic options available. We work together to find out which therapies make sense in an anamnesis discussion.

In naturopathic pain therapy, the following methods can be used (only the following methods are mentioned, which are carried out in my practice):

  • Techniques from de osteopathy and manual therapy

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Body acupuncture & ear acupuncture

  • Massages, trigger point treatment

  • Taping

  • Infusions and injections

  • Cold or heat therapy

  • Electrotherapy (TENS procedure)

  • Neural therapy

  • Elimination procedures (leeches, cupping and Baunscheidt animals)

  • Purification and elimination of toxins (avoidance of  Hyperacidity)

Note: For legal reasons, it is pointed out that the clinical pictures and diagnoses listed here serve as examples and that this list does not claim to be complete. This information is of an empirical nature and is based on decades of experience of many therapists. They do not contain any promise of healing or a guarantee to alleviate the symptoms or symptoms.

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